High‐Fidelity Wraparound Training: March 13-16, 2023 – 9a-4p

March 2023: High Fidelity Wraparound Training Institute Registration

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The 4 day Institute is designed to lead to 2 tracks of certification:

Track 1: Competency Based Practitioner Certification for those seeking credentialing as a wraparound practitioner.

Track 2: Proficiency Based Administrator Certification for those who train, supervise, manage and provide administrative oversight of Wraparound programs and staff; and for those who provide technical assistance, coaching and fidelity monitoring to Systems of Care and Wraparound Program.

The Wraparound training institute is designed to provide a broad Wraparound 101 training for anyone interested in expanding knowledge of the wraparound process. In addition, there are two levels of certification. Competency, which is designed for professionals with limited or no experience with utilization of the wraparound process. At the end of the certification course, a professional will be able to apply the concepts to practice. Proficiency Certification is designed for those individuals that would be considered an advanced practitioner of Wraparound and can consistently demonstrate high fidelity practice. It is recommended that individuals who will be directly working in a wraparound service program, attend the 24-hour institute then enroll in the competency certification track.as the initial certification. If a seasoned professional would like to advance to the Proficiency track following the Wraparound 101 training, they will be required to submit a recommendation from a coach/supervisor and complete additional documentation.

Track 1: Competency: A Competency Certification is designed for practitioners with less than 2 years’ experience in the wraparound process.
Track 2: Proficiency: The proficiency certification is for the advanced wraparound practitioner; someone that has provided the wraparound process for at least 1 year, but likely more than 2 years and can consistently apply practice and demonstrate high fidelity.